Caring for people's health is a value that transcends borders. Our purpose is to enable access to drugs developed meeting high quality standards.

Our vision is to promote closeness with the people who trust our products. We are a regional company seeking to establish strong and reliable links in the continent and redefine the limits of what is possible. We are interested in learning about both patients’ and health professionals’ needs, as well as global industry trends to become better every day.

“Megalabs has a specialization strategy based on different products and markets. We are talking about a commitment to growth, investment, and modernity. That is what defines us.”

— Andrés Prada (Industrial Operations Director)

We are committed to investing in technology and innovation with the aim of creating safe and effective therapeutic options that allow us to continue positioning our leadership in a demanding market. This allows us to keep up with changes in the regulatory frameworks of all countries where we operate.