Bet on the Future

We bet on the future knowing that the context is increasingly challenging. We aim at becoming a leading pharmaceutical company, focused on promoting a portfolio of advanced products in countries where we have achieved leading positions and in new scenarios that already make up an important part of our business.

Global but Close

We have grown exponentially but always understanding that our fundamental principle is to keep our sensitivity, which allows us to empathize with people and understand their needs. This is what makes us different.

Cutting-Edge Quality in Latin America

Our purpose is creating the best therapeutic solutions to contribute to the health of more people. We work with global quality standards, understanding the requirements of patients and health systems in Latin America.

Transformation and Development

We have been able to evolve thanks to our team with a clear and shared vision, sustained by solid and human values. We are transforming our organizational culture by creating flexible teams where our collaborators can fully use their talent and energy to achieve greater productivity.


Our campus is a clear representation of avant-garde and future potential. Located at Parque de las Ciencias free trade zone (province of Canelones, Uruguay), it consists of a corporate building, a pharmaceutical plant, and a R&D center.

Knowledge Ecosystem

The Megalabs campus is frequently visited by members of our organization, authorities and international technical leaders, as well as students from the chemical-pharmaceutical, medical and administrative fields, among others. This turns our campus into a unique ecosystem, where interaction and exchange favor the achievement of new development levels.