Privacy Policy

  • 1. MEGA LABS S.A., is the owner of this website and shall only collect information containing personal data of users and customers providing their consent therefor.
  • 2. MEGA LABS S.A., shall treat the personal data provided by users and customers of this site only for the purpose and in the manner detailed in this Privacy Policy and in full compliance with the regulations of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay regarding the Protection of Personal Data, in particular, Law No. 18,331, Law No. 18,719 and decrees No. 664/008 dated 22/DEC/2008 and No. 414/009 dated 31/AUG/2009.
  • 3. MEGA LABS S.A., undertakes to use this personal data exclusively for the specific purposes for which the user or customer provides it, and not transferring it to any third party. Notwithstanding the above, Mega Labs S.A. reserves the possibility of processing users’ personal data for use in the other services provided by the company or its business partners.
  • 4. Personal data may be stored on the servers owned now or in the future by the company in Uruguay, or in any other country, with an adequate level of protection.
  • 5. MEGALABS S.A., has implemented all the necessary security measures to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing this data. This includes physical security measures and access only for employees or subcontractors who need to access the data for work reasons, which shall be subject to confidentiality clauses and professional secrecy obligations, under section 302 of the Criminal Code.
  • 6. MEGA LABS S.A., shall make every effort to protect the personal data provided by users or customers through this website. However, if in compliance with contractual obligations assumed with third parties, or in the event that there is a court order in this regard, Mega Labs S.A. may disclose certain information in their possession.
  • 7. The Data Controller is Mega Labs S.A., being able to enforce any rights of access, modification or deletion addressing to Ruta 101, Km 23,500, Parque de las Ciencias, Edificio Platino, Canelones, Uruguay (Tel: 26838000). Users or customers may also file, in the same way, the complaints or suggestions they deem appropriate.