Gianclaudio Broggi is an experienced leader in business strategy and planning. His career at Megalabs began 17 years ago.

From different positions, he has contributed to the growth of the organization and its positioning in various regional markets, a challenge that seemed difficult to achieve. Today he is one of the pillars of the company’s business. His knowledge of the organization and his affinity for its core values make him the ideal person to lead the future of Megalabs in a context of change.

“Megalabs has followed a path of achievements, challenges and learning which constitutes the fundamental basis of an ambitious commitment to sustainable growth over time. At a time when a new wave of therapeutic innovation is emerging, we are committed to providing better products, combining all our potential with the best technologies. We are in a process of strategic transformation towards the future that requires maturity, solvency and a constant commitment towards maximum excellence while preserving our values at all times. This renewed growth momentum allows us to strengthen our mission: to improve people's health by offering innovative therapeutic solutions, accessible to all.”

— Gianclaudio Broggi (Megalabs’ CEO)


Gianclaudio Broggi's Speech at Megalabs’ Opening

Interview with Gianclaudio Broggi and Andrés Prada at En Perspectiva