A new path

We have consolidated as a regional company and we endeavor to continue growing through the distribution in the Latin American market of products developed in other parts of the world.

Knowing the market

Our experience, knowledge and proximity to the markets make us occupy a reference position among Latin American countries and their products.

Building strengths

Our strengths as an organization are supplemented and expanded by new projects and products from consolidated business environments in other parts of the world.

Seizing opportunities

At Megalabs we are studying areas that provide new opportunities for development or co-development capable of strengthening our pipeline. This type of alliances will allow us to add many more products, from the most complex to the most common and high volume, with a very good quality to affordability relationship.


Our campus is a clear representation of avant-garde and future potential. Located at Parque de las Ciencias free trade zone (province of Canelones, Uruguay), it consists of a corporate building, two pharmaceutical plants, and a R&D center.

Knowledge Ecosystem

Megalabs facilities are frequently visited by authorities from other countries in the region, scientists and international technical leaders, which makes the campus a unique ecosystem, where interaction and exchange favor the achievement of new levels of development.

“Megalabs has the virtue of opening markets. A company that has developed a new molecule can take Megalabs as an ally to enter Latin America from scratch”

- Sergio Fazio (Megalabs Marketing Manager)


Establishing long-term business relationships is a key factor for Megalabs. We are constantly searching for new products and investment opportunities, both through our own developments and new licenses.

We are prone to developing a simple and clear opportunity assessment process, which would allow an evolution from the first contact to end in a favorable business agreement for both parties. For the analysis and negotiation process, we have a professional management team dedicated to creating value at all levels: Business Development, Strategic Marketing, R&D, Regulatory Affairs, Intellectual Property Management, and Legal Affairs.