Avant-Garde in Efficiency and Safety

Megalabs has a network of 17 plants in Latin America with coordinated work, specializing in different pharmaceutical forms. Our production platform combining cutting-edge technological development with high-quality industrial production allows us to offer reliable and safe medicines.

Standards & Compliance

Our plants, located in different parts of Latin America, focus their production on exports and have the certifications issued by each country’s regional authorities. We also have certifications from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the support of regulatory entities from other regions worldwide.

A Model Plant

Megalabs’ production plant in Uruguay is 22,000 m2 in size and has highly sophisticated equipment to adequately carry out production and quality control tasks. Our processes are aligned with current national and international regulations, which allow us to access the most demanding markets.

Comprehensive Approach

The plants’ building design makes it possible to contemplate the natural flows of the manufacturing processes, from the entry of the raw material when receiving materials to the exit of the finished product on expedition.

Water Treatment

Megalabs’ general plant purified water is obtained by a very modern and safe system which consists of the distillation of drinking water from the public network, previously treated.Once distilled, water is cooled entering the distribution rings where it is kept at 18 °C. This purified water meets the requirements of official regulatory entities.

Safety and Security

The plant’s productive areas are built with materials that allow us to comply with regulations regarding design and safety. Sanitary baseboards and smooth materials allow proper cleaning according to procedures.

La platna de Megalabs en Parque de Las Ciencias cuenta con la mas avanzada tecnología para garantizar la seguridad y calidad de sus medicamentos

Closed Systems

We implemented closed systems in which there is no direct contact with the product, except for the sector where raw materials enter the production systems.

Automated Control

The building has a building management system called SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) that automates services such as running water, steam, compressed air, and air conditioning.

Display Circuit

Our plant has a display circuit that allows visitors to fully tour the facilities and observe the processes in detail without the need to physically enter any production area.This provides visitors with a friendly and informative approach, preserving the conditions of extreme control of work areas that are common in our industry.

Solids Production

Our solids production plant allows us to develop and manufacture special pharmaceutical forms, incorporating cutting-edge technologies that are currently setting the course for the industry.

Production of Injectables and Ophthalmic Products

The incorporation of automated processes in our plant’s production lines allows us to access new levels of validation to ensure the quality of the products we manufacture.

Biotech Production

One of our greatest competitive advantages in this area is the implementation of a vertical model. This model is characterized by an exhaustive control covering all production stages, from engineering and cell culture, to the production of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (biotechnology) and the manufacture of the finished product.