Research + DevelopmentA Comprehensive Approach

Megalabs has a network of 6 R&D centers in Latin America with coordinated work, specializing in different therapeutic areas. This level of infrastructure and the comprehensive approach which characterizes us allows us to offer reliable and safe medicines, satisfying all regulatory requirements of the different markets.


Megalabs' R&D department is made up of a highly qualified professional team that works in permanent contact with the company's R&D units in other countries. Their work, committed to the excellence and sustainability of the organization, has allowed 14 of the 20 most successful Megalabs products to be self-developed.

Development Center

A Pilot Plant and an Analysis Laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art technology allow us to put into action our ideas and get closer to fulfilling our objective: to position our products as benchmarks of quality and high pharmaceutical reputation, with international recognition.The Pilot Plant enables the design, manufacture, and study of formulations, ranging from small quantities, laboratory-size batches, to the manufacture of ICH pilot batches for stability. We have a team of chemical-pharmaceutical professionals specialized in the development and study of new formulations, whose short-term objective is to lead, manage and develop more than 25 projects each year.

Campus de Megalabs en Parque de las Ciencias, Uruguay

An Innovative Environment

Including our R&D center in the ecosystem of the Megalabs campus, together with the corporate building and the company’s most important pharmaceutical plant, results in a constant interaction between the Development department and the Production department. This allows for a greater interaction with the company’s business objectives and increases the value of its R&D projects.

Community Contacts

The Megalabs R&D department works actively and in coordination in order to strengthen its capabilities and contribute to the community. Thus, there are frequent contacts between the Development Center and academic and scientific institutions worldwide, aiming at bringing mutual benefits.


The Megalabs R&D center stands out in the region for its combination of capabilities and experience. This allows us to take on challenges of different scope and potential. The projects we manage have different characteristics. Some started from very early stages. Others are characterized by their agility and dynamism, and have significant potential for their incorporation in new markets, which may represent short-term commercial advantages.

Specialized Biotechnology Centers

Our biotechnology product specialization center has a pilot plant for scaling and leads the development of new processes, as well as the optimization or validation of existing ones. Through the work done at this center, we guarantee that all our biotechnological products meet the highest quality requirements.

Segregated Oral Cancer Development Center

Iclos Uruguay has a development area for cancer solids and oral immunosuppressants. This center is equipped with the same technology as the pharmaceutical plant, which allows working on a small scale with segregated and contained procedures, facilitating technology transfer to the plant.The area of development and production of immunosuppressants is approved, among others, by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for the manufacture of mycophenolate mofetil, which is marketed in Europe with origin Iclos Uruguay.

The Value of Public-Private Cooperation

Capecitabine and temozolomide were developed in this center. Also, in an alliance project with the Instituto Polo Tecnológico de Pando of the School of Chemistry of the Universidad de la República, with the support of the National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII), three oral cancer drugs were developed: pazopanib, erlotinib and pomalidomide.


“Having positioned ourselves at the levels of the international requirements setting the standards for achieving bioequivalence products and pharmaceutical equivalents says a lot about our global response level as an R&D center" - Francesc Muñoz (Development Manager)