We Prioritize the Human Being

We offer important experience and professional development opportunities, prioritizing the needs and objectives of our collaborators.

Respect, Inclusion and Diversity

Our collaborators receive fair and equitable treatment in all areas of the organization, regardless of their gender, marital status, race, religion, political preferences, and sexual orientation, among others.

Leadership Development

Megalabs leaders provide constant support in the learning and development of their team members and the organization in general. We work on developing our professionals’ leadership skills to ensure a correct approach to these situations.

Leadership Methodology

The Megalabs Leadership Model is based on rigorous research and studies on the subject, indicating the existence of clear patterns establishing the aspects leaders must be experts and their four development levels.

A Key Role

We seek to position our leaders at the center of the organization’s learning and development experience. In each new edition, leaders will have a customized experience according to their development needs identified during the Academy stages.

Megalabs Culture

Considering Megalabs’ strategic objectives, challenges and culture, a tailored leadership model has been developed, based on the four current leadership demands of our organization. This model establishes four development levels and eight abilities: Inspiring Leadership, Execution, Influence, Collaboration, Management, Business Criteria, Change and Innovation, and Developing Talent.

Detecting Potential

Our methodology includes high impact tools which allow us to determine in depth the potential and the degree of development of our leaders’ abilities.

Promoting Dialog

Our team leaders generate and promote periodic instances of feedback and informal exchanges. We encourage those who occupy positions of special responsibility to be attentive to identify needs for dialog and exchange in their teams.

Promoting Participation

We value the proactive participation of our members. We create collaborative environments that encourage people to speak their minds when they deem it relevant.

Learning from our Mistakes

We have worked to develop a safe and trust-based environment, where mistakes are considered learning and growth opportunities.

Megalabs, a community to grow.

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Join the Team

Megalabs is committed to excellence and growth. Therefore, we are interested in discovering talents and offering them the opportunity of working within the framework of a pleasant and dynamic organizational culture, in which they will find the latest technology at their fingertips, will be able to develop their career possibilities, and interact with highly qualified collaborators.