InfrastructureWorld-Class Development

Our facilities throughout the continent were created in compliance with the most demanding international requirements in terms of infrastructure and quality-oriented development. We have 17 pharmaceutical plants in Latin America and 6 R&D centers in different countries in the region. All of our pharmaceutical plants incorporate new technologies, which play an essential role in offering safe and effective medicines.

Knowledge Ecosystem

The Megalabs campus in Uruguay favors the exchange of knowledge, technical updating and continuous improvement. Technological advances determining the industry’s evolution demand that our professionals continuously learn from national and foreign technical leaders. Our campus maintains a close relationship with the community and is frequently visited by members of the academy, international industry leaders, medical professionals, and members of the civil society.

Campus de Megalabs en Parque de las Ciencias, Uruguay

Reference Center

The Megalabs campus at Parque de las Ciencas is made up of a pharmaceutical plant, a development center carrying out R&D projects for the entire region, a quality control sector, and a corporate center from where administrative, financial and technological tasks are carried out regarding the operation of the company throughout Latin America. It is a unique space in Uruguay in terms of technological development and is considered a reference center in Latin America.

Research and Development

We have 6 R&D centers in Latin America, made up of professionals trained in practices and methodologies that ensure their good technical performance. Our global vision, professionalism and orientation to exhaustive scientific research adds to a strong focus on business sustainability and quality construction. Our R&D area manages more than 80 projects per year at regional level.

Openness and Flexibility

Megalabs’ R&D area is characterized by a wide and flexible work approach, which allows the company to adapt its projects to different market realities, modifying procedures, times and types of deliverables to satisfy diverse requirements.

Added Value

The operational framework of production projects is centered on a culture of Quality by Design (QbD), suggesting a systematic approach to development, based on solid scientific knowledge and risk management and control. QbD is committed to providing the maximum guarantee of safe and effective supply of medicines for consumers with the added intention of significantly improving manufacturing quality, aiming at improving the performance of the final product.

A Model Plant

Megalabs’ production plant in Uruguay is 22,000 m2 in size and has highly sophisticated equipment to adequately carry out production and quality control tasks. Our processes are aligned with current national and international regulations, which allow us to access the most demanding markets.

R&D Regional Centers

At Megalabs we have several R&D centers in Latin America. We have technical knowledge, human capacity and a high level of experience, which allow us to undertake projects of diverse scope and potential.


The Argentinian R&D center has a strong focus on research and development of biopharmaceutical products for human health, exporting recombinant proteins to the world, aiming at registering new products in demanding markets with strict regulatory standards.

Corporate Center

Megalabs has a corporate center for different administrative, technological and financial tasks, where highly qualified professionals work collaboratively with the areas of production, quality control and development, producing better business results.


Among Megalabs’ companies, there is a network of distribution and storage centers specialized in pharmaceutical logistics. Our production centers incorporate state-of-the-art technology for the warehousing and handling of raw materials and drugs. This network allows us to cover the entire region meeting high security standards and within the necessary times.